Pilothouse 0.1.0 has just been released on NPM. The Bash-based Pilothouse is now deprecated.

The NodeJS version of Pilothouse is a complete rewrite, with a number of exciting improvements, but also some breaking changes from older Bash-based versions of Pilothouse.

There are a few notable things you should be aware of:

  1. Pilothouse is now managed by NPM. Instead of pulling down the latest commits using git from the Pilothouse repo in order to update to a new version, simply run npm update -g pilothouse.
  2. All sites now have SSL support automatically available out-of-the-box. You no longer need to generate an SSL certificate on a per-site basis.
  3. All site’s Nginx configurations are now generated dynamically for each local site. While you shouldn’t normally need to override the auto-generated config, advanced users can do so if desired.
  4. All site-specific settings, such as the config.yml settings file or the site-specific nginx override config file are now contained in the site’s root directory.
  5. The Pilothouse service configuration directory is now ~/.pilothouse. Any configuration file overrides should be placed there.